Designation of Origin

  • Lomo, chorizo,salchichon,Ham, Olive oil

    Olive Oil Virgin extra - Can 1Ltr

    Mild flavor.

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Designations of Origin of Jamón Ibérico dry ham, created in Spain by the Ministry of Agriculture, enforce and monitoring the breeding of Iberian pigs and the development of products from them, respecting certain rules allowing them to be identified with the appropriate quality label. The main objective of the Denomination of Origin is to certify the elaboration and the quality of the Iberian products. This control intends the recognition of a superior quality for these products, due to the geographical location of production and the influence of the human factor during this production. There are four Designations of Origin (D.O.) recognized today for the Iberian breed, D.O. Guijuelo, D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura, D.O. Jamón/Paleta de Huelva and D.O. Jamón/Paleta Los Pedroches. Even though most of the Iberian pig producing areas, pastures, are located in the south and southwest of Spain (Andalusia and Extremadura), Guijuelo is the leading producer of jamón Ibérico, with and without designation of origin. European Unión protects by law D.O. through Council Regulation (EC) No. 510/2006 of 20 March 2006 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs.


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