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There are currently 4 Protected Designations of Origin for Iberian Ham in Spain, one of which is
D.O. LOS PEDROCHES. The hams and shoulders we sell with certified labels come from the following Denominations of Origin (D.O.). Jamón Ibérico dry ham is a type of ham from the Iberian pig, much appreciated in the gastronomy of Spain often considered as an article of haute cuisine and gastronomic luxury. Boneless Ham, Boneless Shoulder, Ham with Bones, Shoulder with Bones, 1/2 Bonless Ham.

The Iberian pig is a breed that is native to the Iberian Peninsula (with different variants), and cannot be considered as such if it comes from other different areas. In order to be called 100% Iberian, both parents of the animal must be of Iberian breed. Therefore, a pig marked as 50% has one parent of the Iberian breed and one parent of the white or other breed.

The curing time of a ham depends on the type of feeding of the pig, the weight of each piece and the area of production of the ham. During the curing period, a series of transformations take place in the fat of the ham and the type of fat of the pieces depends on the feeding of the pig. Larger pieces require a longer curing time than smaller pieces. Each area has its own climatic characteristics that directly influence the maturing of the hams and the time and conditions of maturing are dictated by the instructions of each production area. As a general rule, acorn-fed Iberian ham from Guijuelo needs a minimum of 24 months of curing time, acorn-fed Iberian ham from Jabugo needs a minimum of 26 months of curing time and acorn-fed Iberian ham from Extremadura needs a minimum of 20 months of curing time.

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Jamón Ibérico dry ham is a type of ham from the Iberian pig, much appreciated in the gastronomy of Spain often considered as an article of haute cuisine and gastronomic luxury. They are a star ingredient in the famous tapas.

Check our pata negra price and jamón iberico ham price here. Choose back (ham/jamón) or front (shoulder/paleta) from pigs reared in Jabugo/Huelva and Guijuelo/Salamanca.

The sausages are classified within the smoked products, and those of the Iberian pig result from a exceptional quality, texture and flavor. Pantanegra-Schinken.ch has selected for you three varieties of Iberian sausage with clearly differentiated characteristics, which will allow you to enjoy of its exquisite variety: Iberian lomo, Iberian chorizo and Iberian salchichón.

Olive oil is considered the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, one of the most Healthy and varied in the world. A good olive oil, is not only capable of enriching with its flavor a great variety of dishes, but that, also, will contribute to your food important nutrients with great value for both your diet and your health.

Beyond the cured Iberian products, there is a great selection of Iberian meats of excellent quality to cook all kinds of tasty and healthy dishes. Minimum 100kg of Iberisches Schweinefleisch per order. Minimum 100kg of Iberian pork mean per order.

Based in Spain, the online spanish specialities shop of PataNegra-Schinken.ch, PataNegra-Jamon.es, PataNegra-Schinken.de, PataNegra-Jambon.fr, PataNegra-Prosciutto.it offer you the possibility to buy high quality Iberian ham from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Now you have the possibility to delight yourself with products of recognized prestige and D.O. exclusive in Spain.


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