About us

Based in Spain, the online stores of PataNegra-Schinken.de, PataNegra-Jamon.fr, PataNegra-prosciutto.it offer you the possibility to buy high quality Iberian ham from Germany, France and Italy. Now you have the possibility to delight yourself with products of recognized prestige and D.O. exclusive in Spain. All this at a competitive price and in a delivery period in hand, no more than 10 business days.

We distribute directly from the producing Dehesas (oak meadows) to the homes of Germany, France and Italy,  guaranteeing the total quality of the product since it is only boned for you, once the order has been confirmed, which ensures the excellence in taste, texture and quality control since any incidence would be detected just at the time of preparing the piece and packing it.

The Shop covers the three distinctive products of higher range of Ibérico pieces, both Ibérico dry Ham and Soulders, identified as black, red and green label according to regulations established by law that clearly classify the distinction following the routines of food, preparation and curing, placed in an audience that values ​​their disposition and taste.


What do the labels mean?

The differences of each product's classification are the following: