Spanish tomato bread with Iberian Ham


1 plate with Iberian ham.

1 Village bread. (or in its defect a big bread to be able to split slices).

4 ripe tomatoes.

Olive oil.



The bread is split into large slices. Cut the tomatoes in half and spread them all over the bread. Once smeared to your liking, add a splash of olive oil on the slice and a pinch of salt.

To go through these steps, it is preferable to place the slice of bread that you are going to spread on a plate to avoid getting too dirty.

Place the slices of ham along the slice in an orderly manner.

Now you are ready to take this delicious typical dish of Spanish cuisine. It is ideal to take as an aperitif or tapa with a good wine. You can also prepare it in the form of canapé or sandwich depending on the type of bread you use.



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