Automatic slicer machines are useful slicing food such as cold meat, meat, ham or cheese. Frozen food should not be sliced. Do not slice vegetables or products with bone. Metallic staples should be removed before slicing. For security reasons, avoid manipulate or adapt slicer machines. Alwais follow usage, maintenance and conservation instructions provided in the usage instructions.

Use only the slicer machine in upright position. Ensure that on and off buttons are clearly visible and accessed from your working position. Keep working space clean and tidy.

The machine should be based firmly over a plain surface begin able to support the weight of the machine and the dynamic forces created from its components motion.

To avoid malfunctions due to power outages please ensure to turn off power after using the machine. Finally, clean the machine after each usage; otherwise the machine may develop bacterial colonies that could affect further slicing processes.


What do the labels mean?

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