It is well known that olive oil contains many unique benefits, today we will explain the benefits related to overweight and diabetes.

Helps control diabetes: Diabetes mellitus consists of persistently high blood glucose levels. This is due to metabolic disorders derived from the inability to produce insulin or from the resistance of the cells to the action of this hormone.

Recent studies have verified that the moderate consumption of olive oil (about three tablespoons per day) reduces the concentration of blood glucose and the need for insulin administration.

Helps to control overweight: olive oil, like all fats, have a high caloric power, which is paradoxical to observe that in the regions in which this oil is consumed obesity rates lower than those of other places.

Balanced weight control diets tend to be slower in achieving weight loss goals. However, it has been shown that a diet rich in olive oil leads to a greater and longer lasting weight loss than a low fat diet. It holds better because it tastes good and is a stimulus to eat fresh vegetables.Es ist bekannt, dass Olivenöl viele Vorteile im Zusammenhang mit Übergewicht und Diabetes hat. Hier werden wir diese gerne kurz für Sie erläutern.

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Jamón Ibérico dry ham is a type of ham from the Iberian pig, much appreciated in the gastronomy of Spain often considered as an article of haute cuisine and gastronomic luxury. They are a star ingredient in the famous tapas.

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Olive oil is considered the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, one of the most Healthy and varied in the world. A good olive oil, is not only capable of enriching with its flavor a great variety of dishes, but that, also, will contribute to your food important nutrients with great value for both your diet and your health.

Beyond the cured Iberian products, there is a great selection of Iberian meats of excellent quality to cook all kinds of tasty and healthy dishes. Minimum 100kg of Iberisches Schweinefleisch per order. Minimum 100kg of Iberian pork mean per order.

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