Pack Black label Jamón 100% Ibérico Dry Shoulder with BONE+Support base and Knife

  • 100% ibérico pig

  • Acorn-fed - Open pasture.

  • Curing 20-48 months.

  • Average weight per Shoulder 5.5Kg. Guaranteed minimum weight of 4.8kg


On sale On sale! 580.00 CHF -40.00 CHF 540.00 CHF 1 Shoulder with Bones 98.18 CHF/Kg Que significa sello negro (meaning / Bedeutung / sens / senso) Free shipping, 6 to 15 business days

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  • 100% ibérico pig

  • Acorn-fed - Open pasture.

  • Curing 20-48 months.

  • Average weight per Shoulder 5.5Kg. Guaranteed minimum weight of 4.8kg

  • Intense flavor.

  • Gourmet selection.

  • Designation of origin: Jabugo.

  • Piece with bone

  • Stable for one year if stored at a refrigerator or cool and well-ventilated place for Bone pieces

"Jamón 100% Iberico PATANEGRA", will be identified with a black label,"  come from Iberian pigs, but in this case fed extensively in dehesas, which accompany their feeding with natural grasses and their meat is favored for the work they do in freedom. The ham has a cure of 20 months up to 48 months. Designation of origin: Pedroches, Jabugo, Guijuelo or Extremadura.

Foldable ham holder is a ham holder made in Spain with top quality pine wood, both fittings and steel skewers with a gloss chrome surface finish.
The folding system means that it can be stored in any drawer or even in its shipping container. Includes a knife, a sharpener and a ham cover.

Pack content

  • Black label Jamón Ibérico Dry Shoulder with BONE

    Average weight per Ham 4.8kg

    Guaranteed minimum weight of 4kg

    459.00 CHF 95.63 CHF/Kg Que significa sello negro (meaning / Bedeutung / sens / senso)
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  • Ham Base Support Pack + ham knife
    160.00 CHF
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Jamón Ibérico dry ham is a type of ham from the Iberian pig, much appreciated in the gastronomy of Spain often considered as an article of haute cuisine and gastronomic luxury.

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