Packs with Cured Meats, Lomo There are 2 products.

Grouping of Iberian products that include the LOMO sausage as the most relevant piece.

  • PACK of three 1/2 unique pieces of Iberian sausage + 1kg Iberian ham + Virgin Olive Oil

    1Kg of 100% Iberian Ham + 3 halves of 550gr

    100% Iberian Gourmet flavor

    Minimum guaranteed weight: 500 grams per piece of sausage

    337.00 CHF/Price for PACK
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  • PACK Black label Ibérico Dry Ham + Selection of 100% Iberian half pieces+ LATA Virgin Olive Oil ORG

    Average weight per Ham 4.8kg

    Guaranteed minimum weight of 4kg

    Very Intense flavor

    Our most exclusive PACK

    1,030.33 CHF/Price for PACK
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What do the labels mean?

The differences of each product's classification are the following: